Special event

La Locanda is a lovely place for having your own spring, summer, or autumn house party.

So, if you have a special birthday or anniversary coming up, if you just like a great weekend away with friends or if you are fedup of renting a villa and work more than at home instead of enjoy your family holiday, consider treating yourself to La Locanda.

We have 7 rooms so you can be maximum 14 guests plus a couple of kids in extra beds. All you have to do is to stay for at least 3 nights.
Our staff together with us will take care of you tactfully, saving your relax and your privacy too.

We can plan togeher your meals here, or enjoy one of the great restaurants here around, and do several interesting activities .... or none if you just want to rest ! Contact us for availability and details. Please note that La Locanda is not a self-catering property.

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